Progress in building learning hourses and providing wifi

One of the Damara Bali foundation programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as previously stated, is to ensure that poor students in Batu Belah can still study, By providing a study house and wifi for the poor students.  

As we know that the Covid-19 pandemic has made many changes in life. Many activities are carried out online to prevent the spread of the virus. For this reason, internet access is needed by all communities, especially in remote villages. 

This internet facility can be utilized optimally to support students learning online and another benefit is that it can provide a fairly good interaction between students, teachers, and their friends. The Internet has enabled students to keep in touch with teachers or with other classmates with the help of social media, messaging apps and chat forums.

The Damara Bali Foundation provides socialization to parents and students to strictly observe health protocols. According to one student, named Devi, at least three times a week she goes to the study house to study online using the Damara Bali Foundation’s wifi. “Damara Bali Foundation’s wifi helps me to study with teachers via the internet. I can also save internet quota,” said Devi who is happy to be able to take advantage of the Damara Bali foundation’s internet access.


Until now schools are still closed, distance learning is still enforced and distance learning requires the internet.

Thanks to the sponsors who have helped this program now even poor children can still learn online.


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