The Education Gap Between Rich and Poor Students Gets Bigger During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a big disparity or gap in the world of education. Most notably, the gap exists between students from rich families and students from middle, poor families. During the pandemic, learning is done online. Meanwhile, not all students have access or online learning facilities.


There is a very wide digital disparity between children from rich families and middle-lower families, especially the poor. There is a correlation between economic conditions that affect distance learning. Although the government has supported education by providing quota subsidies for students, this effort is considered not optimal. There are still many students who live where it is difficult to get an internet signal, black spots.


Many students and teachers also have inadequate tools to support distance learning. Sometimes their devices are out of date, they can’t download the Zoom Meeting or Google Meeting apps, Worst of all, there are still teachers or students who do not have access at all to support distance learning. They live in an area without a signal, and do not have a device.


The Damara Bali Foundation has provided access, equipment and a safe environment to learn for poor children so they don’t miss lessons – while hoping that face-to-face learning by the government will start again soon.

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