Sponsorship Renewal 2021

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Bali, and also changes in the Indonesian government’s assistance to school children, Damara Bali Foundation will now be pivoting away from providing school uniforms etc as we usually do each year. 

The government now provides uniforms for school children, so Damara Bali Foundation will instead be providing online learning assistance via increased Internet support.


We have already constructed a local learning house, and equipped it with Wifi, but the ongoing costs of providing online support will now be our focus. 

At present, there is virtually no schooling being provided to the students – perhaps one Whatsapp message a day advising which pages to read in certain books, but usually no follow up, and little chance of interaction or questions and answers. 

As you can imagine this is less than ideal, and we are looking at ways of changing this, such as hiring tutors, or online learning modules.

All sponsorship donations therefore will go to enable Damara to keep supporting this vital infrastructure and trying to provide educational continuity as a community essential.

Your renewal donations are vital in supporting this initiative.

For example:

Every IDR 1.5 Million or AUD $150 we raise from renewals will provide Wifi internet access for a learning house for 5 months.

Every IDR 3 million or AUD $300 we raise from renewals will provide a laptop, desk and chair


We will be sending renewal reminders soon, but also feel free to donate again via the website, and we will once again send you your renewal receipt. All amounts gratefully accepted.

Thanks so much in advance, on behalf of all Damara Bali Foundation!



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