Strategies to Increase Household Income of Poor Farmers on Dry Land

The development paradigm has resulted in unequal conditions between cities and villages, where cities are centers of growth, while villages are only marginal areas, especially dry areas and have a high dependence on urban areas.

With no dry land areas developing, poverty problems are more common in dry areas. The condition of poverty in dry rural areas is exacerbated by the increase in small farmers. Lowland ownership and low education of the head of the family have resulted in low income from the agricultural sector, so that it is no longer sufficient to meet household needs. To meet the needs of their households, poor farmers generally use various methods, by utilizing all available resources and social networks.

Therefore the strategy that needs to be implemented to help poor farming households increase their income is to improve the quality of human resources for poor farming households and increase the role of institutions in supporting the economic activities of poor farming households. This strategy is carried out both in the short and long term, which includes increasing skills in agriculture and non-agriculture, and increasing formal and informal education.

The Damara Bali Foundation continues to help by empowering several poor farmers by providing land for plantations, helping to procure superior peanut seeds and hep in breeding cattle. In this fourth quarter we bought 6 cows for 3 farming families. Thank you very much to the donors who have helped our program.


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