Online Learning for Children

The demand to use technology for learning has actually been carried out for a long time, but there are several gaps in its application. Among them are infrastructure gaps that are uneven in the availability of electricity, internet availability, laptops, cellphones, TVs, also geographically where Indonesia has various obstacles to the provision of this infrastructure. The communication network is an absolute must.


The gap in human resources where the level of teacher literacy in utilizing information technology is also uneven, the causes are various factors, starting from the lack of communication channels to obtain digital learning information, and another factor that is no less important is assistance in the use of digital technology by educators and teaching staff. Teachers will become more confident if in the implementation of the application of digital technology in learning they are always accompanied as a confirmation stage in the adoption of learning technology innovation. The gap in digital teaching methods creates new habits that allow learning to be anywhere and anytime. Education Disruption that leads to transformation, where something that normally goes on normally then suddenly stops and has to change, changes in learning patterns, packaging patterns and service patterns (delivery), conventional content changes to digital content.


The Damara Bali Foundation looks after and ensures that poor children in villages have internet access. Yes, we know this is very limited, not enough computers where we work on this issue. (Maybe you would like to pitch in and help us fix that)


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