Q4 School Children Sponsorship

There are several issues that are experienced with the school children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially learning problems.

First, they must study from their home. The learning activities use the Google classroom application, but the problems of studying at home are:

  1. There is often no access to the Internet network.
  2. High fees for internet data.
  3. Many teachers don’t really understand the technology.
  4. Schools are poorly equipped to carry out the online teaching and learning process and therefore the learning process suffers.
  5. Parents find it difficult to accompany their children to study at home.

Until now, we still haven’t received the end of 2020 school reports for many reasons, largely covid related.

Damara will meet their teacher directly, and we intend to write a special report on children assisted by the Damara Bali Foundation for their sponsors.

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