Q3 Agricultural Machinery Training (Compost)

Increasing productivity and production in the agricultural sector is absolutely necessary in line with the increasing development of society

The use of technology is one way to make farming more effective so it is hoped that productivity and production will increase.

The development of agricultural mechanization is actually directed at increasing the production and quality of highly competitive agricultural products in order to achieve food security and welfare of farmers.

The application of appropriate agricultural mechanization can result in accelerated improvement of the quality of soil management, increased cropping intensity, efficiency of production costs, saving of yield losses, increased quality of yields, and increased farmer income.

Regarding this, the Damara Bali Foundation held the first training on agricultural tools and machinery (composting machines) on September 11, 2020, attended by 5 farmers.

After delivering the material, the training was continued with the operation of the compost machine. In this practice various operating techniques are explained so that farmers can process agricultural waste and animal manure more easily and effectively into compost. Practice runs smoothly and participants can operate the compost machine well.

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