Q2 Progress Pilot Project planting of Hybrid Coconut Trees, Chili, and Eggplant on Dry Land.

We started the preparation of this pilot project from January 2020 and started planting in early March 2020.

This pilot project is a trial before starting the actual project and is expected to be an alternative solution for utilizing dry land in Datah Village.

It is a very difficult situation because of the Covid 19 Pandemic that hit Bali, we couldn’t do the optimal monitoring of this Pilot Project, but we were very happy because we could see the growth of the hybrid coconut and eggplant that we planted.

Why hybrid coconut trees?

Because hybrid coconut trees can grow fast, and bear fruit in a short period of 4 years. In Bali coconuts are a strategic commodity that has a social, cultural, economic role in people’s lives. Benefits of coconut plants not only in the flesh of the fruit that can be processed into coconut milk, copra, and coconut oil, but all parts of the coconut plant have great benefits. Because of the great benefits of coconut plants, there are those who call it the “tree of life” or “a very pleasant tree” It is called a tree of life as it is believed to be able to revive the economy of the community (Farmers).

Eggplants and chili also grow well and bear fruit. Those plants are a short term crop. Those plants can grow well in lowlands with sandy soil and hot air. We also use a drip irrigation system.

In difficult times like now. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, farmers also have to stay at home. Eggplant vegetables can be planted in a narrow area in the yard of the house, so it can fulfill the needs of the family as one of the business in family food security.

Hopefully this Pilot Project is successful, so it can inspire the farmers to develop in that area which are a dry land and hot climate

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