The Enthusiasm of Village Children Learning Computers

In this digital era, technology is an inherent part of everyday life. Providing children with an early introduction to computers helps them to become more comfortable and prepared for the technology of later in their lives.

In providing opportunities for children to learn computers, it is important to remember that the use of technology should be wisely supervised by teachers and parents. A balanced and purposeful use of computers will ensure that children can experience the positive benefits of technology in this digital era. 

It is undeniable that the field of information technology is one of the industries that continues to grow rapidly and is promising for future careers.  Information technology is used in various fields ranging from manufacturing, communication, education, and even daily activities cannot be separated from computer technology. Entering the all-digital world of work, computer skills are a must-have skill for everyone.  Almost all jobs use computers in the process.  Also, there are various types of specialized computer jobs with bright prospects, such as software developer, data scientist, web developer, cloud architect, UI/UX designer, and others. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare computer skills for children from an early age, but in reality, not all children can use computers, especially in villages. Children in Datah Village are one example who are not yet skilled in using computers. Seeing this problem, Yayasan Damara Bali wants to do community service to conduct computer training for children in Datah Village. Karangasem Bali

Yayasan Damara Bali provides computer learning facilities for children in the village with scheduled computer lessons every week. Computer lessons are directly supervised by competent and friendly teachers.

The enthusiasm of the children to learn computer makes us excited to continue to provide the best for computer lessons. 

Damara Bali Foundation received a donation of 5 laptops from Villa Bugis. The children learned about computer devices, how to turn on and off, save files, type and create their own tables.

Thank you to Villa Bugis and the donors who have worked with us to educate children, computer class training opens the door to the future of children, especially in the field of technology.

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