Cattle Seed Assistance Program

The Damara Bali Foundation continues to strive to realize the independence of poor farmers through various flagship programs in the livestock sub-sector by providing continued assistance with cattle seeds. In 2022, it is planned to help 10 poor farmers and up until June, only 3 poor farmers have been realized.

The development of this cattle farm is a series of continuous activities to develop the ability of farmers, especially the farming community, so that they are able to carry out productive businesses in the field of animal husbandry independently. This effort is carried out jointly by farmers, business actors and the Damara Bali Foundation as a facilitator that leads to the development of an efficient livestock business and provides benefits for poor farmers. Livestock development is aimed at efforts to increase livestock production while at the same time increasing the income and welfare of breeder farmers, meeting food and nutritional needs, creating job opportunities and business opportunities and encouraging agribusiness development.

We are very happy that two sponsors have agreed to purchase 14 cows in the next few months. That will take the total number of cows in our programs up to 30, providing 15 poor families with their own sustainable business and income to support their children.

Other sponsors are welcome to join this program, either through yearly contribution to the cow purchasing fund, or one time donation of AUD 700 to buy one calf (seed).


How Can You Help?

Providing cattle breeding assistance to poor families creates a sustainable business and income to help their children. Either a yearly donation of Rp 1,500,000 to our cow purchasing fund, or a one time donation to buy one cow at the cost of  IDR 7,000,000.

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