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Our goal is to help families live dignified and self-sufficient lives. Damara Bali Foundation work equips people in poor communities with skills that bring reliable income to meet their families’ needs for the education and wellbeing of their children. We support activities like agricultural training, and provision for cow breeding.

Damara Bali foundation’s cows project


In the poor areas of Bali, many children suffer from malnutrition, which has only increased over the course of the COVID pandemic. Due to the difficult economic conditions many families struggle to meet their own basic needs, even not being able to send them to school . 

This project comes as a sustainable approach for income for these poor families. We train them in looking after the cows and raise them to provide a reliable source of income. Cows are an excellent source of fertilizer, which will strengthen the vegetable growing capacity of the owners. Continual breeding of cows will ensure sustainable income for this poor community and the well being of their children, with proper food, clothing, shelter and health care.

The Damara Bali Foundation cows Project  now directly helps 13 families but is expected to have even greater impacts in the surrounding communities.

This project is bringing hope for better future  and going to be a source of harmony in the community.


Generous donors are helping Damara

Damara Bali Foundations has received generous support from Mr. Stephen O’Neill and Villa Bugis, to help lift families out of poverty, through sustainable cow breeding.

Mr. Stephen O’Neill decided to support this program and together with Villa Bugis provided the funds to buy 14 cattle that now supports the income of 7 families in Datah, Karangasam.

We asked Stephen O’Neill to tell us about himself and his involvement with Damara:

“I moved to Bali from Scotland in 2016. Moving to Bali from a rather wet and grey Glasgow was an easy choice – lucky me ! I love it here.

I had visited the island many times and loved the vibe . I am fortunate to have enjoyed a life of commerce , travel and a wee bit of adventure too – having managed to traverse the globe ( well almost ) my heart was always in Bali and it was without doubt the place I dreamt I would one day be living in .

I am retired and owned a couple of successful Real Estate related businesses and I am lucky my business life has been one of a certain degree of success allowing me the financial freedom to basically do and live where I wish.

I happened to hear about the Damara Foundation and was told about their project in Batu Belah village and the difficult lives the lovely community there endured – a vastly differing life from my own.

Anyway , I decided to take a drive up there , which is about an hour drive from Candidasa .

The Damara foundation is in process of doing remarkable things there and the approach really chimed with me .

This aint just about the rich sending money to the not so rich – its a clever charity about helping people get on with their own lives and creating an income producing environment for these beautiful people – it works and what has been created so far is remarkable .

I also have to mention the tireless work of the director, Nengah Swikrama, who has been the man on the ground and really made it happen .

What Damara does is it has taken a large plot of pretty difficult almost useless dry arid land and started turning it into useful , income generating farmland . They drilled 60 meters plus for water to irrigate , built a cool little

building with wifi for the village to use ( and it is used intensely ) , planted coconut trees and nut plants/trees too .

This ” community land ” creates valuable income for the lovely folk who truly appreciate what Damara has done for them .

The land is now suitable for cattle and as soon as I got back to the luxury of my Bumbak villa I immediately offered to support with a donation of 50 million for 7 cattle. Together with a donation from Villa Bugis of another 50 million we were able to secure 14 cattle for 7 families. This was the best 50 million I spent this year and to see the appreciation from the villagers was priceless.


So much more needs to be done and so much more financial support is needed.I can only encourage anyone reading this to get in touch with Damara , go and have a look and meet these wonderful local people , see the smile on their faces and know that by giving a little you are contributing so much.” Thank you Mr. Stephen O’Neill and Villa Bugis for your support. We are grateful for how you have joined us on our mission to see grace abound to the world in need. 

How can you help?

You can help through donations and sharing this information with your family and friends who might be interested in supporting this work.

As always, your Damara donation goes 100% directly to the people in need.

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