Cattle Breeding Donation by Damara Bali Foundation

The Damara Bali Foundation provides additional cattle breeding assistance to poor families in Batu Belah, Karangasem Bali. The Damara Bali Foundation continues to strive to provide basic economic strengthening to poor families, especially those in rural areas. Because the residents in the village most simply depend on livestock for their lives other than farming. This potential is deemed necessary to be developed by many parties. with the hope of improving the welfare of the poor in rural areas.


In line with the increasing demand for meat from year to year, an urgent problem for the development of livestock, especially cattle, now and in the next few years, is the procurement of seed, which are qualitatively and quantitatively still very limited.


The livestock sector is indeed a leading factor at this time in addition to the agricultural sector which is expected to be able to boost the community’s economy. Nurseries are also an important part of overall livestock development.


The Damara Bali Foundation hopes that the assistance can be properly maintained and is expected to continue to be developed so that the goal of supporting the economy of poor families can be achieved.

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